Our Environment

By applying environmentally friendly practices in all our operations you can be assured that your carbon footprint is having less of an effect on the environment.

Envrionmentally Sound Shredding

All our shredded waste is baled up and sent directly to the recycling plant.
As a regular customer you will receive an annual report quantifying the amount of material your company has sent for recycling. This can be helpful when auditing your own carbon footprint with the aid of a service such as Brown & Co.'s environmental consultancy.

For every five tonnes of shredded material we will plant a tree on your behalf.
The planted trees form part of what has become a sustainable wildlife habitat close to our main site at Kings Lynn. The woodland forms a coppice that will be cut every 10-25 years by hand. Coppiced woodland extends the life of the trees, creates a renewable source of fuel and raw materials and increases biodiversity whilst having minimal impact on the area's ecology.

We closely study the environmental credentials of all our supply companies.
Our confidential waste sacks and bins are made from recycled paper and cardboard. These themselves are destroyed along with your waste and again sent off for further recycling ensuring continuous use of the same materials.

Greener Data Archiving

Our archive boxes have one of the smallest carbon footprints available.
The boxes used for archive storage are manufactured by Mondi Packaging who are both local to us and share our views on environmentally sound technique.

The archiving stores have been designed with the help of an environmental consultant.
To ensure that the building design, the construction materials used, the energy sources employed all have minimal impact on the environment we enlisted the aid of an environmental consultant throughout the production of our archiving facilities.

If you'd like to discuss our environmental efforts or have any suggestions for us that would benefit our environment please feel free to contact us. By working together we work towards a healthier planet tomorrow.